Patricia Sibley

Patricia Sibley, with Board and ZINAHCO staff at Kumboyedza housing co-op -Zimbabwe

Patricia Sibley, with Board and ZINAHCO staff at Kumboyedza housing co-op -Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is awesome! People have been very welcoming. I have been working hard and trying to fit in some fun on the side. I am assisting the Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO), Rooftops Canada’s partner in Zimbabwe, with the installation of a new accounting system. I am also helping to build the staff’s capacity to integrate new bookkeeping procedures into their day-to-day activities.

There are only four more days and so much work to do; it’s a bit overwhelming. George, the ZINACHO staff person I am working with, has been very open to how QuickBooks will perform for ZINACHO.  (George’s wife had a baby Friday night – congratulations!) There was no internet at the office till late Friday afternoon and hopefully there will be a server tomorrow because I haven’t loaded up the software yet!

I am hoping to go live tomorrow.  The process has been an adventure, incorporating ideas from both George and Jamie (another technical advisor from Rooftops Canada) and finding new ways to meet everyone’s needs. I am pleased with how the project is going.  I am so glad I had the prep time at home so there was a base on which to develop the product ZINAHCO will be using.  George will be able to tweak the system in the future, and we’re setting up a process of communication for after I’m gone.

By Patricia Sibley, Rooftops Canada Technical Advisor


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